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Latest Paulian Class 1962 Reunion Bulletin: Gathering In KL on 10th December 2017(Venue Tentative)

REF: KL 2017 Reunion Committee Organiser for Paulian Class 1962 

Guys of Paulian Class ’62, Please be informed that Lawrence Ten and his KL committee is arranging an annual Reunion Buffet gathering in KL this year. The tentative venue is The Park Royal Hotel or The Eastin Hotel. They suggested that, as many cannot drive, be planned at a location whereby our very senior classmates’ can board the normal commuter train, the LRT or MRT – to reach the destination conveniently and in comfort.

Please keep in touch by reading the Whatsapp “PaulianClass1962ChatGroup”.(if you have a smartphone please join our group chat or call Gary Ng hp:0126183046/0196352217 or Alan Chew 0126070233).

Yours Sincerely.

Gary Ng & Alan Chew(Past Organisers for Seremban)





Paulian Class 1962 Reunion Lunch on 22nd NOV. 2015 in Lucky Palace Rest. Seremban 2


Class Reunion Lunch 2016 in Lucky Palace Restaurant: Group Photo for Classmates 1962 and Wives.


Dear all Paulians Class 1962.

A lunch is planned for us all in;

  1. Venue: Restaurant Lucky Palace
  2. Room for Luncheon: Upstairs (booked under Name Chew Hock Chuan)
  3. Date: Sunday,22nd. November 2015
  4. Time: 12.00 Noon
  5. The Location Map:

Please note that your spouse is cordially invited for this annual function.

Drinks like wine, whisky or brandy and beers are sponsored by our kind classmates.

ps. parking along roads opposite restaurant or along the roads in the housing garden.


Gary Ng (administrator this Word Press web site(seremban old paulian 1962)

Paulian Class’62 Fellowship in Rest. Seng Fatt PJ 20/22( opp. Giant).

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http://you tube/elvis platinum collection.comimage image image image image image image image image On Tuesday 28th April. Paulian Class ’62 Fellowship lunch gathering in Seng Fatt Restaurant at 12pm. Our facilitator for this gathering was Chua Ah Tok. We warmly welcomed our newbie classmate Mr. Joe Doraisamy. We were glad the wives of Rene(came from Jerantut,Pahang), Leong Wing Fook and Alloysius were able to join us all. We then adjourned to Jaya One Sect.13 Old Town White Coffee for our coffee break as usual, at a nearby hangouts( opp.Jln. University). Lim Keng Gak gladly footed our bill as he felt it was a gesture of closer fellowship for more gathering in future.

Fellowship lunch gathering at Lin Kee BigTree Fish Head Restaurant Cheras.

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Gabriel Tham Chee Wong organised a mini fellowship lunch gathering for Paulians 1962 in Cheras on Tues. 10th March 2015. Those who attended are Ten Soi Keng, Aloysius Lee & Carole, Victor Alphonse, Alan & Gerald Chew, Chua Ah Tok, Lim Keng Gak, Lim Kong Sung, Rene & Evelyn, Gary Ng, and Anthony Thong Hoon Lin.
We are deeply pleased and grateful that Kong Sung was able to join us though he had his tight business schedule, this time, and he pledged to attend our next Annual Dinner in November this year so that he may meet up with our other Paulians of 1962. (the date not fixed yet, please keep in touch here(Word Press) or through your classmates).


A photo take with Lim Kong Sung.


Gerald Chew, Gabriel Tham, Victor Sebastian and Lawrence Ten


Lim Keng Gak, Chua Ah Tok, Gary Ng and Aloysius Lee.


Rene with Evelyn

Rene and Evelyn….yummy!


Alan to Kong Sung: ” Long time no see!” Anthony Thong on left of pic.


Gerald Chew,Gabriel Tham, Victor, and Lawrence Ten.


Yummy Steamed Fish heads!

The steamed fish heads, trotters in vinegar, chicken with bitter gourds……


Lim Kong Sung sitting next to Anthony Thong and Lawrence Ten.


Lim Keng Gak catching up with the news!

Lim Keng Gak browsing for the latest share market prices.


The restaurant completely covered by green vegetation and under some big trees.

The elusive fish head restaurant! All hidden by thick green folliage!


Gabriel "tim choy"

Waiting ……for Tham Chee Wong to make order for the famous steamed “Fish Heads” dishes…….!


Chee Wong: (scratching his head) can’t recall how to order in Chinese……..!

Paulian Class 1962 Reunion Luncheon on Sun.23rd Nov.2014 in S2 City Park Restaurant Seremban

Our Paulian Class1962 Annual Fellowship Gathering was in Seremban S2 City Park Restaurant on Sunday 23rd November 2014. The luncheon gathering was at 12.30 pm. There were three tables and the main sponsor was Mr.Theophilus. Mr. Anthony Thong complimented this luncheon  by adding one delicious dish for all three tables.There were whiskey, wines and beers […]

Paulian Class 1962 Reunion in Seremban on Sunday 23nd November 2014.

Paulian Class1962 Annual Reunion Luncheon on Sunday,23rd Nov.2014 at 12.30pm in Seremban 2 City Park Restaurant.

Dear all Paulian Class 1962 be informed the Reunion Luncheon is to be held in Seremban. Please make your own transport arrangement for the reunion luncheon.Those in KL/PJ contact Gabriel Tham Chee Wong(hp = 0162738200). The Seremban guys contact Alan Chew(hp=0126070233). Rene and Anthony Pillay can contact any of these mentioned Paulians Class’62 for more info. Please note that your spouse are cordially invited to this reunion.
Please keep in touch by reading this Word Press blog or Face Book under “Paulian Class 1962”.