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Mini gathering in K.L on Next Week(15/4 Thur or 16/4 Fri)

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Hi! All Paulians62! Mr. Yap Wui Min is coming to K.L with us. We’ll be coming next week Thur. or Fri. (15/4 or 16/4) probably meeting Anthony Thong or Lawrence Tham first. Those who are free and keen to join us please contact these guys(HP: 0192102131/0162738200) will confirm by Sat. 9/4.(HP:0126183046/0126070233-Alan Chew). Our latest “recruit” Paulian62 Mr. Lim Keng Gak( who lives in PJ sect 16) should be around with us. Mr. Aloysius Lee will join us if he has no commitment.We’ll have coffee first followed by a lunch. PS. This message may be read in facebook. Cheers! Gary Ng, Alan Chew, Gerald Chew, Lee Heng Foo AND Yap Wui Min.

PS: Listen to your favourite Oldies here! Click Here:


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This blogs is for ALL old paulians and frien ds to share and to comment for closer friendship and togetherness..

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