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It’s on! Wui Min will be in K.L.(Fri.29th April,2011) next week!

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Our maths wizard of class'62

Dear all! Yap wui Min will be coming to K.L. to meet you guys! We may have a new visitor-  Victor Alphonse coming as well! Just cross our fingers- these two guys are real “live wires” ! See you all soon! Cheers!


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This blogs is for ALL old paulians and frien ds to share and to comment for closer friendship and togetherness..

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  1. Hello, I was googling my uncle Min’s name when I came across this post. For those of you who may not have heard, uncle fell off a platform while doing some gardening and hit his head badly. He fell into a coma, had surgery to stop the bleeding in his brain and is now in the Bangsar Pantai Hospital ICU. Block D, 1st floor. His condition has stabilised but he seems to be paralysed on one side. He is slowly becoming more conscious and we hope that he will be out of ICU within the week. If you would like to speak with his children Onny or Miow Foon, pls call 012 271 0589. If not, kindly keep him in your thoughts and your prayers.


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