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Who is Seet Ming Chong? Hey guys! Meet up on 27th May 2011 to find out! See you all at the Atria at 11.00 am @ “The Connection Cafe” first! Cheers! Gary Ng & The Seremban Guys.

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Next mini gathering at the Atria on 26th or 27th May 2011

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Please Click Below (enjoy!) :……

1. SightsintheWorld 2. CliffRichard 3. HeartAttack1 4. OLDCINEMAS


Victor Alphonse

 Cross our fingers, we hope Victor Alphonse will make it this time! See you at the Connection Cafe. Cheers! Gary Ng.

Cheers! Gary Ng.

Next gathering of OPA’62 on 26th or 27th May 2011

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Hi! All ! Our Seremban guys are visiting the K.L. guys in The Atria SS22 Petaling Jaya. Depart from Seremban at 9.30am reach SS22 at around 10.45am. Meet at the Connection Kafe thence to a lunch.  This time we hope to get Wui Min together with Victor Alphonse to join us! Cheers! Please click here to watch: motherteresa1