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Annual Paulians 1962 Gathering at Lim Keng Gak’s House in Jalan 16/12 PJ

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The Annual gathering of Paulians 62 will be held in Mr.Lim Keng Gak’s House in Jalan 16/12, PJ, on Saturday,19thNovember 2011. All those who wish to attend the above gathering (Seremban Paulians and wives) will meet at Alan’s House in RASAH JAYA on 19th Nov.2011 by 6.00pm. Paulian with wife need to pay only RM35/. A single guy pay only RM30/. Transport will be sorted out on this day. We should go there as a convoy and hope all will be there in time.

Contact Nos.:( 1) Alan Chew: 0126030233; (2) Gerald Chew:0166381210; (3) Gary Ng:0196352217


Old Paulians 1962 at Rene Ekspeckerman’s hometown in Jerantut on 13th and 14th July,2011.

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What a journey and sprung lots of surprises! The journey took us 3-4 hours. For a start, we visited Rene’s Factory in the Light Industrial Estate in the town of Jerantut itself. His air-con work office was impressive.He does all kinds of advertisements and office displays other than his road works and many paraphernalia displayed in the factory. We joked with him asking whether he accepts that we put in some shares each and be his sleeping partners…….and earn a comfortable retirement lives!  Of course it’s a joke!!!. We had lunch in a Chinese restaurant which is “only a stone’s throw” from his house. He brought two fishes for our lunch. They taste so good and we only like to remember we relish the good dishes rather than their names! We put up in The Inderapura Hotel which is next to the new bus terminal. We then had tea in a typical “new village”coffee shop, which is opposite our hotel and across the main road. The coffee and tea were really good with toasted bread. For dinner on the same day(13th/7/11) we had a sumptuous dinner with beers to wash down the food. We chatted all night drinking beers….. till our eyelids became too heavy to carry on. The next day(14th/7/11)we  had breakfast in this same coffee shop called Nam Bee( The roasted pork was really good -bought at a short distance away). The breakfast menu was the common, “kon no” or soup type noodles

This was the 3-4 Star rated hotel we stayed in Jerantut.

and “fried kwai-teow”.  This same morning Gerald and Heng Foo joined us for breakfast before they took a bus to Kelantan. After our breakfast, we parted ways and going back home!

Heng Foo loves the Jerantut roasted pork.....