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Mr.Yap Wui Min warded in Columbia Hospital Seremban 2

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Mr. Yap has now been warded in Columbia Hospital Seremban 2. (Room 38). He had a fall. It happened after he gave us Seremban Paulian Class 1962 a dinner in Silver Dragon which was a few weeks ago. He is still unconscious following an op in a KL hospital after that fateful day. Please pray for his quick recovery.(Contact 066011526)


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  1. Victor Sebastian

    Sad to see him in such a state. Wondering if he can hear or feel our touch. When I was with the last two who were in a coma ( my mother-in-law and Theos son)..I asked them to bat an eyelid 1 or 2 times to show yes and no. My m-in-law responded and I could hold a simple conversation with her until she passed away. With Theophilus son….he seemed to respond sometimes and at others…no response. Wonder if Yap can respond when he’s awake to this suggestion.

    • I suppose we have to wait till he wakes. We continue to pray for his quick recovery. God bless him.

      • We, Seremban Paulians were invited by Yap Wui Min to a sumptious lunch on 17th Feb 2014 at The Silver Dragon in Seremban 2. He was in his elements by cracking lots of jokes. There were laughters everywhere on the table. Wines and beers were aplenty! We really felt sad and wished ALL who attended that lunch were around to attend his wake on 24th.April 2014 or funeral on 27th.April
        2014. RIP My friend Yap. Regards.Gary

  2. “Yap Wui Min passed away on Thursday 24.4.14. WAKE at Funeral Parlor Jln Tun Ismail,S’ban. Funeral on Sunday 27.4.14.” (RIP.Mr.Yap Wui Min.)
    Paulians Class 1962 were informed. Gabriel Tham, Lawrence Ten, Joseph Heng, came from KL. Rene came from Jerantut. Seremban Alan Chew, Gerald and Gary also attended wake.

    • God bless his soul.Yap was our mathematician.He could make us laugh.I remember when we went to see Mr Liew our science teacher,who was bedridden at that time Wui Min made Sir laugh when he told sir that the important thing in life was to be able to eat and shit (he said this in Chinese .I was then given the translation).When I went for the wake Lee Kian Ong also turned up.

      • I remember Gerald Chew brought us to visit Mr. Liew at his house in Hose road then, after our Class dinner gathering….in the 2000’s in Rasah Jaya. Wui Min was always a “joker” in our times. Bless him and may his soul RIP.

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