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Lim Keng Gak Fellowship invitation to Paulians Class 1962 to Jin Xuan DimSum Restaurant PJ on Tues.29/7/14.

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Mr. Lim Keng Gak invited Paulian Class 1962 for a fellowship gathering at the Jin Xuan Dim Sum Restaurant on Tues.29/7/14 at 11.00am. This gathering co-incided with the visit of Mr.Siow Kin Jim and wife from Australia. Those attending from KL/PJ are Aloysius & wife Carole, Gan Hock Lai, Gabriel Tham, Lawrence Ten,  and Anthony Thong. Seremban guys are Alan Chew, Victor Alphonse, Gary Ng, Jesu Francis, Theophilus and Alan Wooden. Mr. Peter Lee and wife was also present. The atmosphere was very warm and the conversation was fun filled and inevitably went down memory lane! The dim sum was delicious and plentiful for all! The restaurant was very packed and the restaurant staff there sent strong signals for us to leave after our meals. The Seremban guys in Jesu Francis ‘s car left early while the remaining stayed back until 3.00pm to accompany Keng Gak and Kin Jim. Bless all Paulian Class 1962. May all be able to attend the next fellowship somewhere in the near future!


Alan Chew,Lim Keng Gak, Mr. & Mrs. Siow Kin Jim


Mr.& Mrs. Peter Lee,Chua Ah Tok and Gan Hock Lai


Siow Kin Jim and the " first ladies"


Chua Ah Tok, Gan Hock Lai, Ten Soi Keng and Alan Chew.


Ten Soi Keng, Alan Chew an Host Keng Gak


Victor, Jesu Francis and Aloysius Lee


Alan Wooden, Theophilus and Victor Alphonse


Aloysius Lee, Anthony Thong and Gabriel Tham


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  1. guys, keep up the good is indeed enlightening to read about the happenings and whereabouts of my fellow 1962 paulians. i am writing this comment from 15000 km away, and i am quite touched by your friendly and warm attitudes. likely in the near future, and God willing, i shall be able to join you guys for a few get togethers. many hellos to all of you whom i have not seen since 1962………….more than 51 years ago. i wish you all good health and good fortune. God bless.

  2. additionally, it is great and very generous of Keng Gak to host the most resent get togethers.

    • also, the photos are great and very much appreciated…….a welcome sight for my eyes. thank you, mr. photographer, for posting them on the internet. my apologies for mis-spelling the word “recent”. in my last post.


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