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Paulian Class 1962 Reunion Luncheon on Sun.23rd Nov.2014 in S2 City Park Restaurant Seremban

Our Paulian Class1962 Annual Fellowship Gathering was in Seremban S2 City Park Restaurant on Sunday 23rd November 2014. The luncheon gathering was at 12.30 pm. There were three tables and the main sponsor was Mr.Theophilus. Mr. Anthony Thong complimented this luncheon  by adding one delicious dish for all three tables.There were whiskey, wines and beers contributors as well. These contributors were Gary Ng, Victor Alphonse and Chan Ah Chai.We Paulians would like to thank all  these people for their contributions to make the fellowship gathering more interesting.and meaningful. Before the luncheon started, Mr. Chew Hock Chuan asked for a minute of silence in rememberance of all those classmates who already left us this year. We were very happy to see new faces this year. They were Leong Wing Fook and wife, Benjamin Jacob and John Fah. We also warmly welcome Mr. Chan Ah Chai and Lee Kiam Ong back for our annual fellowship gathering. We hope to maintain this number every year and also hope more classmates can join us next year in November, 2015. God Bless All!

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  1. Victor Sebastian

    A damn good session to remember.


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