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Fellowship lunch gathering at Lin Kee BigTree Fish Head Restaurant Cheras.

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Gabriel Tham Chee Wong organised a mini fellowship lunch gathering for Paulians 1962 in Cheras on Tues. 10th March 2015. Those who attended are Ten Soi Keng, Aloysius Lee & Carole, Victor Alphonse, Alan & Gerald Chew, Chua Ah Tok, Lim Keng Gak, Lim Kong Sung, Rene & Evelyn, Gary Ng, and Anthony Thong Hoon Lin.
We are deeply pleased and grateful that Kong Sung was able to join us though he had his tight business schedule, this time, and he pledged to attend our next Annual Dinner in November this year so that he may meet up with our other Paulians of 1962. (the date not fixed yet, please keep in touch here(Word Press) or through your classmates).


A photo take with Lim Kong Sung.


Gerald Chew, Gabriel Tham, Victor Sebastian and Lawrence Ten


Lim Keng Gak, Chua Ah Tok, Gary Ng and Aloysius Lee.


Rene with Evelyn

Rene and Evelyn….yummy!


Alan to Kong Sung: ” Long time no see!” Anthony Thong on left of pic.


Gerald Chew,Gabriel Tham, Victor, and Lawrence Ten.


Yummy Steamed Fish heads!

The steamed fish heads, trotters in vinegar, chicken with bitter gourds……


Lim Kong Sung sitting next to Anthony Thong and Lawrence Ten.


Lim Keng Gak catching up with the news!

Lim Keng Gak browsing for the latest share market prices.


The restaurant completely covered by green vegetation and under some big trees.

The elusive fish head restaurant! All hidden by thick green folliage!


Gabriel "tim choy"

Waiting ……for Tham Chee Wong to make order for the famous steamed “Fish Heads” dishes…….!


Chee Wong: (scratching his head) can’t recall how to order in Chinese……..!


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This blogs is for ALL old paulians and frien ds to share and to comment for closer friendship and togetherness..

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