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Paulian Class’62 Fellowship in Rest. Seng Fatt PJ 20/22( opp. Giant).

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http://you tube/elvis platinum collection.comimage image image image image image image image image On Tuesday 28th April. Paulian Class ’62 Fellowship lunch gathering in Seng Fatt Restaurant at 12pm. Our facilitator for this gathering was Chua Ah Tok. We warmly welcomed our newbie classmate Mr. Joe Doraisamy. We were glad the wives of Rene(came from Jerantut,Pahang), Leong Wing Fook and Alloysius were able to join us all. We then adjourned to Jaya One Sect.13 Old Town White Coffee for our coffee break as usual, at a nearby hangouts( opp.Jln. University). Lim Keng Gak gladly footed our bill as he felt it was a gesture of closer fellowship for more gathering in future.


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This blogs is for ALL old paulians and frien ds to share and to comment for closer friendship and togetherness..

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  1. Updates and frequent gatherings are greatly encouraged as we are now in the twilight of our lives. More news, however flippant and trivial should be shared among old paulians, even those from other graduated years. It should be made an open forum or news group where every old paulian should be encouraged and welcomed to participate and contribute their latest news. 8chaba.


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